Should You Buy A Charcoal Or Gas Grill?

13 December 2021
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Are you looking to buy a new grill for your home but are unsure if you should buy a gas or charcoal grill? Here is what you need to know about these two options.

Assembly and Setup

There are some very big differences when it comes to the assembly of these two types of grills. A charcoal grill is going to be really easy to set up, with you typically attaching the legs of the grill and you're good to go. A gas grill can be a bit more complicated, especially if you need to run a gas line to the grill for it to work. There is also going to be more assembly involved in a gas grill to put all the pieces together. 

Preparation Times

When it comes to the daily use of both types of grills, know that there is a lot more preparation time for a charcoal grill to get it ready to cook with. Getting the coals hot enough on a charcoal grill can take quite a bit of time until it reaches the desired temperature, so you really need to plan ahead when cooking. A gas grill reaches its set temperature very quickly, with it only taking a few minutes to get it ready for cooking.

Max Temperatures

Know that both a charcoal and gas grill can reach the same maximum temperatures for cooking, with the ability to get hotter than what your typical oven can reach. However, a gas grill is going to give you more precise control over what that temperature will be. It takes a bit of skill to control the temperature of a charcoal grill, and you'll need to use a thermometer to verify where it is at. 


A big reason that people pick charcoal over gas grills is because of the flavor. Charcoal can leave a unique taste on the food that you are cooking, especially if you are using flavored briquettes. A gas grill does not do this, but the food's natural flavor will be preserved much better. This really comes down to what your personal preference is. 


Each type of grill has its own routine for cleaning up afterward. A charcoal grill will require that you dispose of all the ashes and clean off the grates when finished. A gas grill also has grates that need to be cleaned, but there is also a drip pan that should be emptied periodically.

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