3 Key Things To Know About Valve Manifold Boxes

28 May 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

For the many businesses that use gas in their manufacturing processes, a valve manifold box is one of the most effective methods for facilitating gas flow in a safe and controlled manner. Valve manifold boxes work by continually distributing gases in and out of a system through small gas sticks that are housed inside a single container. This is vital for efficient business operations because the movement of gas is managed from a centralized location instead of taking up valuable production space with several gas supply sources. Here are a few of the main things you should know about valve manifold boxes.

1) As a highly versatile system, valve manifold boxes can be specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of a business.  

Not every manufacturing company has the same production goals in mind, so valve manifold boxes are often personalized to the singular needs of each business. For example, valve manifold boxes can be manually controlled by a trained technician who adjusts the gas distribution as necessary. On the flip side, if a company wants the system to do all of the work, a valve manifold box can also be set to automatically open and close the valves according to pre-determined requirements. The total number of gas sticks in the valve manifold box can also be modified as the business sees fit. One or two sticks might be adequate for smaller operations, while more advanced systems could use seven or eight sticks to disperse the gas. In other words, the ideal configuration is created to achieve the safest possible gas flow for the desired outcome. 

2) There are numerous advantages of consistently utilizing a valve manifold box. 

Using a valve manifold box carries some significant benefits. The foremost advantage is better efficiency in both energy usage and cost output. A valve manifold box reduces the amount of energy needed to transport gases from one place to another, and there is less money spent in maintaining several distribution sources. The system offers superior safety as well. Hazardous gases can be vented through a valve manifold box without ever affecting the function of other equipment. If a leak or serious problem does occur, the system will shut down right away to protect employees and the facility. In addition, valve manifold boxes are installed with ease of access in mind. Typically mounted on a wall, the boxes come equipped with visible touchscreens, security measures, and sensors that indicate when the doors have been opened.  

3) Valve manifold boxes are used for applications within multiple different industries. 

Valve manifold boxes are frequently found in manufacturing facilities that focus on semiconductor production. However, since valve manifold boxes are so customizable, they are also well-suited for a variety of additional industries. Water treatment companies have valve manifold boxes to regulate the movement of fluids and gases throughout large piping systems. Healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses depend on the boxes to push gases back and forth in a clean and sanitary way. Other fields that use valve manifold boxes include research laboratories, solar energy, and aerospace. Ultimately, any industry looking for a simple way to deliver gases to multiple destinations can benefit from the installation of valve manifold boxes. 

If you operate a business in an industry that counts on a reliable and safe gas flow system, then you'll likely find that a valve manifold box is the best option. Contact a valve manifold box manufacturer or supplier to find the right solution for your organization.