Tips For Handling Tube Beading Projects

28 July 2020
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The business of metal forming comes with all sorts of options. Tube beading is a process of choice for professionals in a lot of industries. Getting to know tube beading services allows you to optimize your company and reach your desired output. Consider the points below and start reaching out to some metal shops that can help you out. 

Assess tube beading services and how they might help your business

First off, get to know tube beading services and what they entail. It's a metal forming process that involves creating a bead as part of a tube. The field of auto parts is valued at more than $60 billion at the moment. This illustrates how useful tube beading services are for several industries. 

This work is speedier and more productive than other forms of metalwork. The protection and durability that you get from tube beading is unmatched. Tube beading is an energy-efficient method that reduces your environmental footprint when the metal is useful in fields like metal roofing, insulation, and temperature control. 

Hammer out the parameters of your tube beading services

Consider the variables of the tube beading services that you're putting together. You'll generally want to keep your production runs to 10,000 linear feet per year or so. 

Each metal shop has its specialties, so lean in the direction of their expertise. Figure out whether the company uses automated electrical machines or manually powered. Getting to know these parameters will allow you to choose the right professionals for the job. Ask for the outcomes in writing to get some guarantees on the work these professionals provide. Verify the specifications like compression beading, end reduction, double-lap flaring, and other such processes. 

Study the parts that go into the completion of each project you're compiling. These projects consist of parts like O-Rings and fabric sleeves. Shop with the best parts manufacturer so that your tube beading performance is solidified. 

Finance your tube beading service and get the best out of the project

Ask around for references from companies in your network. Consider attending some Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) events to get leads on some of the most capable companies. Browse their portfolio and ask to see prototypes. 

The more you know about the details of your tube beading project, the easier it'll be for you to manage the costs. This type of metal forming can cost you about $2,000 per project in most cases. 

Consider these tips so that you get the tube beading services that you need. 

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