Assessing Damages to Commercial Signs and Taking Cleaning and Repair Steps

6 July 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Digital message centers, billboards, LED signage, and wooden displays are all integral parts of your company's advertising. The condition of the signage may have an impact on a customer's perception of your storefront or business as a whole. After a storm passes through the area, inspect the signage and conduct necessary repairs to bring the advertising back to its former condition.

Assess Each Sign

Conduct a basic assessment of the signage that is on your commercial property, to determine if any of the advertisements have been physically altered by severe weather. Billboards along the highway are designed to withstand massive wind and rain, but it won't hurt to complete a quick road trip past the signage to ensure that lighting is intact.

During the assessment on your commercial property, take note of fallen limbs that might have struck signage, caused an LED bulb to break, or chipped the paint from an advertisement. Consider each display's needs and purchase the materials needed to complete the restoration of the advertising materials. Major repair work that requires climbing up extension ladders and replacing glass panels, broken framework, or electrical components should be completed by an individual or a team of workers from a business sign repair company. 

Clean, Make Minor Paint Touchups, and Change the Bulbs

Cleaning signage, performing minor paint touchups, and replacing damaged bulbs will restore each sign and promote a well-maintained property. During the execution of these tasks, rope off the area where you will be working or use brightly-colored cones to mark the perimeter of the area that is being tended to. This will prevent your patrons from driving or walking through areas that are being addressed.

When cleaning and repairing signage, look for signs of damage to trees, bushes, and other large features that are growing on the property. Use pruning shears to clip loose branches and rake up the debris that is left next to the signage. Minor paint touchups will require you to clean and dry the surface of each sign, before applying the paint.

Purchase exterior paint that will work well in all types of weather. Apply a clear sealant across the entire surface of the sign, to prevent dry paint from chipping from the surface. Leave a caution sign nearby the repainted signs, to alert people to the fact that the paint is currently wet. This will minimize the chance of someone touching an advertisement.