Creating Custom Packaging For Your Product

8 June 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Working with custom packaging can require some planning and some tools to make the process easier. Rotatory die cutters are one tool that can be extremely beneficial if you are creating packing repeatedly and it needs to be precise.

Die Cutting 

Cutting packing materials for your needs can be a lot of work and take a lot of time. If you are a growing company with an increasing demand to ship products in packaging that is tailor-made to fit your needs, you can use a rotary die cutter to do the job. The dies for the cutter are created for you, and when installed in the machine, running the material you need to cut through the cutter produces the cuts you need.

The die in the rotary cutter will cut the material the same time after time, and you can be sure that the packaging materials will fit in the box and support your product every time. Using a rotary die cutter will speed up the packing process and make the creation of the materials more efficient, so you save time and money. 

The die for the cutter is made on a CNC machine, so the die is very precise, and the manufacturer that creates the die and makes additional ones if needed using the same CNC program. If your business expands to the point that you need multiple rotary die cutters running, you can get additional dies quickly.

Perforating and Creating Folds 

Other jobs the rotary machine can help you with depend on the die put in the machine. In some cases, a perforation is needed on cardboard or other material that you are using. With the proper die in the rotary cutter, a perfect perforation can be created in the material by simply running it through the machine.

Dies can also be created that create creases instead of cutting the material. This can be helpful if you need to make a fold in the material at a specific spot. The crease in the material will cause the fold to follow a specific line and create the shape you need.

Buying Dies

There are companies that produce rotary cutting dies for many different machines, so finding someone to make one for you should not be difficult. You will need to work with the die company to determine what the die needs to do for you and how the company making the die can achieve that goal. 

The company may have a die designer that you can work with to work out the specific design of the die and make sure that it functions properly for your company.

For more information, contact a packaging equipment rotary die cutter supplier.