Five Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Carpet-Cleaning Company

11 November 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

There are likely many carpet-cleaning companies to choose from in your community. Deciding which one to hire may seem like a difficult choice. But if you ask the right questions, you are likely to hire a quality company for your carpet-cleaning needs. The following are five important questions to have answered.

Are they a green company?

Everyone wants to help the environment, and many carpet-cleaning companies have embraced this by using environmentally friendly chemicals and cleaning equipment. In addition, the cleaning solutions that a green company uses will be hypoallergenic, so anyone in your household who suffers from allergies will not likely be affected after your carpets have been cleaned.

Do they offer free quotations?

Any good carpet-cleaning company will offer you a free estimate and put it in writing.

This is important because it is easy to give prices on the phone or in an advertisement, but often, when someone who has given a quote over the phone shows up at your home, suddenly the prices start to go up. Although there can be unforeseen circumstances, most of the time, a good estimate of the cost can be given to you beforehand.

Do they carry insurance?

Mistakes can be made. A cleaning technician can accidentally use the wrong chemical on the wrong carpet material. Also, some technicians may not have the experience others do when cleaning, and the poor quality of the work can produce an unwanted outcome. But this is why insurance exists, and a professional carpet-cleaning company will carry a policy to protect their customers.

What is included with their standard service?

This is important to know because a carpet cleaner can spend a short period of time or a long period of time doing prep work. Often this will consist of spot cleaning before doing the main work of cleaning your carpets. Some cleaners may only do a quick spray with spot remover while others may do nothing at all. If there is extra money involved in removing stains, you need to know about that in advance. Also, what guarantees are given concerning the removal of stains? Carpet-cleaning companies have various policies and charges for stain removal.

Do they offer additional services?

Many carpet-cleaning companies offer additional cleaning such as cleaning for upholstery, so you can get your sofa and chairs cleaned at the same time you have your carpets cleaned.

Keep the four questions in mind as you shop for a carpet-cleaning company such as H & L Janitorial Service, and remember to make a note of any other concerns you may have so you can inquire about them before you hire a company.