7 Ways To Attract Connections For Your Startup

20 October 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you have a small startup, it takes a tremendous amount of work to gain visibility. No matter what kind of startup you are creating, you need to make social and business connections that will lead you down the path of success. These tips will help you attract new social connections that will benefit your startup in the long run.

1. Become a guest blogger.

Blogging as a guest on other websites attracts attention to your topic, and it reaches an audience beyond what you are used to. You also have the opportunity to prove that you are an authority in your topic.

2. Be interviewed on a like-minded podcast.

Reaching out to podcasts that discuss your industry is a great way to be interviewed and reveal your own expertise and authority. People will fall in love with your personality and your idea, wanting to get to know more about your startup.

3. Find ways to reach out to and help others.

Sometimes the best way to garner attention for your startup is to lend a hand. Not only do you build a good reputation for your startup by putting its name out there, but you also help out your community.

4. Get active in groups.

Facebook groups and real-life groups may be equally important in building a social network for your new venture. Reach out to both familiar faces and new members to build a network that will be supportive and maybe even introduce you to those who can provide more than emotional support.

5. Host a webinar.

Webinars offer the exciting opportunity to reach out to a worldwide audience from the comfort of your home. You can educate and inform while still gaining supporters. Just make sure to choose a topic with wide appeal.

6. Turn to video content.

Video content is an essential component of crafting a compelling narrative for your startup. People want to see the face of the company—you. Make sure you do not ignore this demand.

7. Give people a reason to talk about you.

Preferably, you want to do something positive for the community or online to get noticed. Give people a reason to want to connect with you on a business level by putting out press releases and reaching out to the community.

Attracting attention to your startup is surely a way to build business connections. The financial backing of certain connections, in addition to emotional support, can provide you with additional assistance necessary to get your foot in the door with your startup.