Smart Questions To Ask Before You Sign Up With A Staffing Agency

18 October 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you're having trouble finding a job in your preferred field, signing up with a staffing agency like Bishop & Company Inc can change your fortunes. Instead of spending time sending out applications, you can let the professionals at the staffing agency get in touch with prospective employers on your behalf. This service can also help you craft a resume that shines, provide you with interview tips, and assist in other ways as you attempt to land an ideal job. Before you sign any paperwork, you'll want to know things such as the percentage that the staffing agency takes in exchange for helping you. Here are some other smart questions to ask.

Does The Employer Communicate With Me Or You?

Before you're employed, it's useful to know how the dynamic between you, the employer, and the staffing agency will exist. While your employer will talk with you about things related to your job, some employers prefer to share any information about your employment status, contract renewal, or other such information with the staffing agency directly. In other cases, the employer will talk to you about these things, and you'll relay the information to your agency representative. Either way is fine, but it's nice to know the parameters of the situation before you begin.

Do You Offer Referral Bonuses?

Although you want to primarily focus on doing a good job when you get placed with a company, you might also have your eyes and ears open for people you know who might be able to succeed in your chosen field. Many staffing agencies will provide a referral bonus to those who can connect a viable candidate with the agency — once the agency lands him or her a job. It's worthwhile to find out if the agency you're considering does this, as it can lead to a nice financial incentive for you.

Can You Line Up Another Job Before A Contract Ends?

If you're looking for contract work, you'll always be eager to start a new job soon after a contract expires — ideally with very few days off in between. Some agencies will work to line up another contract position for you while you're still under contract with one employer, while others prefer to work on contracts only when the agency employee is without a job. The former scenario tends to benefit workers more, so make sure to ask this question and ensure that the agency will take these steps on your behalf.