Three Common Questions About Storing Items Safely

10 October 2016
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Renting a storage unit may be a highly effective option if you are needing additional space to store unneeded items. Yet, you might not have a very thorough understand of what to expect when storing your items in these units. To prevent some problems from arising when you are storing your possessions, you will want to be knowledgeable about a few routine concerns first-time storage unit renters may have.

Will Insects And Other Pests Pose A Risk To Your Storage Unit?

It is common for storage unit providers to regularly have their property treated to neutralize insects, mice, and many other pests. Unfortunately, the person in the unit next to your may not follow the rules of the facility, which can increase the risks that their unit experiences pest problems. Sadly, these problems may be able to spread to your unit, but you can help to prevent this issue by treating your unit with pesticides every few months. This may seem excessive, but it can be a minor inconvenience compared to the risk of having your possessions damaged by insects.

How Can You Protect Your Items From Moisture Damage While They Are Being Stored?

Moisture damage can be another problem that you might have to address. While individuals will often assume that this type of damage occurs from flooding, it is important to note that this is not the only potential source of this damage. If the humidity in your area gets extremely high, it can be possible for condensation to start to gather on the items that you have in the unit. Over a prolonged period of time, this condensation can severely degrade your possessions. Preventing this type of damage will require you to either place silica gel buckets in your unit or to use a climate controlled storage unit. These units are specially designed to keep the temperature and humidity within a stable range, which can be more than worth the added expense.

Is Storage Insurance Worth The Expense?

When you are placing your possessions into storage, it is important for you to invest in a storage insurance policy. These policies can compensate you in the event that your possessions suffer damages from accidents, storms or theft. While storage facilities will do everything they can to keep your possessions safe, there are some problems that they simply can not prevent, such as major flooding. You can usually purchase these policies from your homeowner's insurance provider, but if they do not have a suitable policy for your needs, most storage facilities will be able to add this coverage to your lease.

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