Tips For Packing Fragile Kitchenware For Shipping

3 October 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you need to pack and ship fragile items for your kitchenware business, you need to make sure that you pack these items carefully so that they are not damaged or broken during the shipping process. Here are ways to pack some of the most fragile items.  

#1 Plates

When you ship plates, you should take each plate and wrap them individually in bubble wrap and then use tape to make sure that the bubble wrap is secured to each plate. 

Use a medium-sized box that will fit the plate snugly so they don't slide around. Crumple up newspaper or packing paper and cover the bottom of the box with it to create a cushion. Place each plate inside of the box in a vertical position. In between each plate, put some additional paper for more cushion. 

When you are done packing the box, fill in the top and any open areas with packing paper and crumpled newspaper. 

#3 Glasses

When getting glasses ready to ship, crumple up packing paper and put it inside of each glass. Then, wrap each glass with bubble wrap and packaging paper. 

Use a medium- or small-sized box for your glasses. If possible, use a box with divided cells so that each glass can be placed in its own compartment or cell. This will prevent your glasses from moving around while being shipped. 

If you don't have a special glass box, prepare the box like you did for the plates, with packing paper on the bottom. Place the heaviest glasses on the bottom and put packing paper between each layer. Make sure that you fill in all the space around each glass with enough packing material to keep the glasses secure. 

#3 Bowls

Use a small box to ship bowls. Create a cushion on the bottom of the box using kitchen towels. Place one bowl inside of the box and put bubble wrap inside of it, and then stack another bowl on top of it, wrapping it in bubble wrap as well. Only stack a couple of bowls together, and then use newspaper and leftover kitchen towels to cushion the bowls. You don't want to stack them too high, as it will increase the chance that the bowls will be damaged in the shipping process. 

The key to shipping kitchenware is to create a soft cushion on the bottom and top of any box that you use, and to wrap up each glass item with multiple layers of bubble warp and packaging paper. It is better to overuse protective packaging material than not use enough and end up shipping broken kitchenware to your customers.