Tamping For Taste & Other Tips To Making The Best Cup Of Coffee

29 September 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

Coffee is enjoying explosive growth as a popular drink for Americans from teens to seniors. Celebrities are often photographed by paparazzi with expensive bags in one hand and a coffee cup in the other, and even the medical community has recently chosen to embrace coffee for its potential health benefits. But as any true coffee aficionado can attest, finding a truly delicious cup of coffee is not always easy. If your business revolves around providing the best possible coffee for your customers, the following tips can help you make sure that every cup you brew exceeds your customers' expectations.

Keep the beans fresh

Since roasted coffee beans degrade quickly, sourcing and storing high-quality unroasted coffee beans is the best way to ensure that your customers receive the perfect cup of coffee every time they visit your shop. Unroasted or green coffee beans should be shipped and stored properly to maintain the optimal moisture level of 12%. Avoid hot, dry, or very humid storage conditions in your own storage areas and choose your suppliers and shipping methods carefully to avoid coffee quality issues that may occur during processing or shipment.

Roast them on site

Investing in quality coffee roasting equipment is another way in which you can help to maintain the quality of the coffee you sell. Brewed coffee is most flavorful when it is freshly roasted only hours before brewing. By tracking the amount of coffee you sell over a period of weeks, you will soon be able to roast the correct amount of beans each day, providing your customers with the freshest, most flavorful coffee in your area.

Tamp the grounds tight

While tamping the grounds is not required for brewing regular coffee it can make all the difference when seeking to brew the best-tasting espresso for both drinking and creating other delicious coffee-based drinks, such as lattes. But not everyone understands how to tamp the coffee correctly before brewing it in a manual lever espresso machine. 

Tamping is done to compact the ground coffee into a pellet that will help the pressure of the espresso machine extract full flavor from the coffee. To tamp effectively, make sure to choose a sturdy metal tamper that just fits into the coffee basket of your machine and tamp with a firm pressure until a compact disc or pellet of coffee is formed. Continue tamping to polish the pellet and ensure that there are no fissures or openings that will interfere with the brewing action of the espresso machine.

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