2 Reasons To Issue Custom ID Cards To Your Employees

27 September 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

One of the most important concerns for many companies is making their facilities as secure as possible, which makes sense when you consider just how much money they could lose if they experienced a data or security breach. Custom ID cards and badges are among the most versatile and easy options available for securing your business. Listed below are two reasons to issue custom ID cards to your employees.

Variety Of Security Features

One of the biggest reasons to consider issuing custom ID cards to your employees is that they can provide you with a variety of high-tech security features. For example, you can opt for custom ID cards or badges with magnetic strips that will allow quick and easy access to your facility for authorized personnel.

To increase the level of security features provided by the ID card, you can also add employee photos that any security personnel can look at to ensure that the person scanning the card for access to the facility is an employee of the company and not someone who simply stole or found the card. You can even have a custom ID service add that picture or otherwise customize your proximity ID cards that will unlock the doors that they have clearance for simply by being in close proximity to the doors.

Logging Features

Another reason to issue custom ID cards to your employees is the fact that they can allow you to keep track of who enters your building and at what times. This logging system is particularly useful if you discover a potential data breach or the theft of company property. In that situation, you can match the times that the theft took place to the access logs to determine who was in the building at the time to potentially narrow down the culprits. 

In addition, the custom ID cards can help you keep track of your employees and their adherence to their set schedules. For example, you can use those custom ID cards as a clock in and clock out system that you can then use to ensure that they are showing up to work on time and not leaving early or getting unauthorized overtime.

Contact a custom ID service or browse one of the many online sites that offer custom ID cards in order to see the many ways in which they can help you out. Custom ID cards are a great way to get access to a variety of security features while also allowing you to log employee activity.