Tips For Storing Your Boat Professionally

23 September 2016
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A boat can be a big investment. Not only do you have the actual cost of the boat, but you have taxes, insurance, mooring, gas, and even safety items. While all this can be expensive, boating can be a fun activity, allowing you to relax, socialize, and spend quality time with your family. To ensure that your boat remains adequately maintained and keeps its value, you want to focus on proper storage when not in use. Winter boat storage can run you about $2,000. One way boat owners choose to reduce the cost of boat maintenance is to store it on their own property instead of through professional boat storage. Here are some of the biggest mistakes you could make when not storing your boat professionally. 

Exposure to Pests

Just because you have your boat covered in your driveway, it does not mean your boat is protected. Pests can get into your boat and even worse, your boat's motor causing a plethora of problems. To help avoid issues that pests can create in your boat during storage, you want to store it professionally. Professional boat storing companies will help keep their property pest free and ensure your boat is looked after around the clock. 

Lack of Security

When you have your boat sitting at the dock or in your driveway, you cannot provide around-the-clock security. Even if your boat is not sitting in plain sight, you have to be careful about storing your boat on your property. The last thing you want is to come home from work and find it gone. Instead, you should rely on professional boat storage that specializes in keeping your boat secure. 

Failure to close seacocks

For boats left in the water, leaving seacocks open over the winter is like going on extended vacation without locking the house. If a thru-hull cannot be closed, the vessel must be stored ashore - the sole exception is cockpit drains.  Heavy snow loads can also force your boat under, allowing water to enter thru-hulls that are normally well above the water line.

Clogged petcocks 

Engine cooling system petcocks clogged by rust or other debris can prevent water from fully draining.  If one is plugged, try using a coat hanger to clear the blockage or use the engine's intake hose to flush anti-freeze through the system.

Leaving open boats in the water over winter

Boats with large open cockpits or low freeboard can easily be pushed underwater by the weight of accumulated ice and snow.  Always store them ashore.

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