Protecting Scrap Metal When Waiting For A Recycling Run

21 September 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you hired a demolition service to knock down a building so you can rebuild a larger structure, there is likely to be scrap metal you will want to collect to exchange at a recycling center for money when the project is completed. Since others are aware that scrap metal holds value, it will be necessary to take some precautionary steps in protecting this commodity so you do not lose money. Here are some steps you can take around your building to keep any scrap metal found away from the hands of thieves.

Alert The Demo Workers Before They Start The Project

It is best to alert the manager of the demolition service that you would prefer the workers on the team do not keep any pieces of building material to recycle themselves. The manager will let those working on the site know to place any scrap metal in a pile where you designate its collection. Ask them to alert you when large amounts of scrap are placed in this area so you can make arrangements to have it hauled to a metal buying service or scrap metal yard promptly afterward. This way, it will not remain on the premises for long, helping to keep it from being stolen.

Select A Specific Marking To Add To Each Piece Found

Each piece of scrap metal should be marked with a distinguishable colored shape or letter using paint or nail polish. Take photographs of the pieces along with the markings to help prove they belong to you in case they do end up being taken from your property. This way, you will be able to alert area scrap metal services about the marking so they can be on the look out for someone trying to cash in on your stash. Authorities can also be alerted so an arrest can be made if necessary.

Set Up A Designated Area With Appropriate Security

The area where you have workers stack pieces of scrap metal will need to be safeguarded. It is a good idea to put scrap pieces inside a metal cage with a chain and lock to secure them inside. Make sure only one or two people on-site have the key to this enclosure so it is less likely someone from the inside will take the pieces for themselves. If your building is very large and you expect a large amount of scrap to be collected, it may be beneficial to hire a security guard to watch over the area. Surveillance cameras, temporary fencing, and "no trespassing" signs may also help keep thieves from coming onto your property.