Using A Box Truck For A Move? Here's How To Keep Your Items Secure

22 March 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

Renting a box truck can greatly improve the ease of your upcoming move. Instead of having to rely on friends with pickup trucks or minivans, you'll be able to load up the box truck with your possessions and easily move them to your new home. The key to using a box truck successfully during a move is to ensure that your packing and driving habits keep your goods safe throughout the entirety of your journey. Wrapping things securely in bubble wrap during the packing phase is only part of the job -- once you begin to load the truck, keep these tips in mind.

Make Use Of Moving Straps

When you rent the box truck, you often have the option of having various moving-related items included. While you might gravitate toward a hand cart to improve the ease of the move, make sure that you're given a significant number of moving straps. You can use these straps to secure tall or otherwise large items and hold them against the rails that are mounted along the insides of the truck's box. For example, if you're planning to move a grandfather clock, it's too tall to leave standing on its own in the truck. By wrapping straps around it and pulling it tight to the side rail, you'll ensure that it doesn't budge during the trip.

Don't Allow Room For Sliding

Cramming the box truck with as many items as possible might seem like a less-than-refined tactic, but the reality is that this approach will prevent heavy items from sliding around and potentially causing damage as you drive. As you load the truck, think of all the voids that you can fill; space under a desk, for example, can hold several boxes or provide a sturdy support area for delicate items such as potted plants. An effective strategy is to load durable items next to those that are soft -- this means that even if there's some movement as you drive, soft items such as couches will prevent hard, heavy things from banging off each other.

Drive With Care

Even if you're in a hurry to get your move completed, it's important to be careful on the road. Make sure that your driving habits are reflective of the load you're carrying -- this means that you need to slow down before corners and accelerate and brake gently. By keeping your movements on the road as smooth as possible, you'll decrease the risk of stacked items in the back of your box truck rental falling and getting damaged.